Monday, March 21, 2011

Malaysian Opposition Figure Tripped Sex Videos

Petaling Jaya - A sex video that resembles a Malaysian opposition leader reportedly circulating in Malaysia today. The video shows a man having sex with a woman, believed to be foreign sex workers.

This 30-minute video, shows members of parliament who is widely known by the Malaysian society is having sex with a variety of styles. Video allegedly taken at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur recorded recorded on 21 February.

The scandal erupted after the Malaysian media representatives was taken by a group of politicians in order to prove the truth of the video. Group of politicians led by Datuk T is, invites the media to prove that the figure of a man in the video is meant opposition politicians.

"If the individual who was in the video in question is really the politicians in question, then that person and his wife had to retreat from the politics of Malaysia," said Datuk T to the media whom he invited, as quoted by The Star, Monday (21 / 3 / 2011).

"People were not the ones who have morals and values ​​of high integrity who has always didengungkannya. The record shows he was not fit to be a leader,"said Datuk T.

Furthermore Datuk T threatened to ask a few non-governmental organizations to establish an independent inquiry panel, if the politician in question do not want to admit the video. The panel also directed to investigate the authenticity of the videotape.

Datuk T admitted finding it embarrassing video footage after he was asked by the politicians in question, to search for watches in the room where the recordings took place sex.

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