Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top 21 Android applications Famous Pulled By Google

It was reported that Google had just pulled 21 popular free applications from the Android Market, where the application is identified as malware application that is intended to gain root access to the device users, collect various data that are available and download the code without the user's knowledge. Malicious applications are informed at least 50,000 users have downloaded the Android. The application is very dangerous because they look like a mock version of an already popular application, such as for example is malware application named "Chess", using that name, so as if the application is a game of chess. These applications are applications pirated versions of some popular games and software utilities in the Android market. After the application at Download, the application will control the user device using a method such as "rageagainstthecage", then the application will use an executable file Android (GER) to capture data and user device, then the application will act as a 'backdoor' open wide for download more a lot of malicious code on Android device you have. Below we give some list of bad applications that you should avoid.

Falling Down
Super Guitar Solo
Super History Eraser
Photo Editor
Super Ringtone Maker
Super Sex Positions
Hot Sexy Videos
Hilton Sex Sound
Screaming Japanese Sexy Girls
Falling Ball Dodge
Scientific Calculator
Dice Roller
Advanced Currency Converter
APP Uninstaller
Funny Paint
Spider Man

If you download one of the above applications, then you should try to contact the operator directly from your Android device you are using and try to consult with them because it feared the information you have is not in a safe condition. And remember before you download the application on Android Market, then you should first read the existing reviews to ensure that applications or games that you download the application or the original game.

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