Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Indonesian soccer players will play at AC Milan .."

Former AC Milan player Daniele Massaro feel optimistic there will be a very talented player Indonesia. Later, the talent will be ogled by European football clubs, Milan is no exception.

It is said Massaro in the show "Indonesian All-Star Team Challenge" by Milan Junior Camp (MJC), which took place in Universities Police Science (PTIK), Jakarta. Massaro who is now the Ambassador Rossoneri are also impressed with the enthusiasm of the children of Indonesia in 1200 in the following program selection event.

"If Indonesia can see last year's champion (Intesa San Paolo international tournament) last year I'm sure they will return this year to realize a dream," Massaro said in a press conference, Saturday, May 7, 2011.

"I am pleased and proud to be here (Indonesia). I believe Indonesia will be born players who can defend Milan."

However, Massaro adds, not just talent that needed a player to become great. But also with the addition of the correct spirit and coaching.

"In addition to technical training, procurement of the competition is very important for coaching young players. With such a huge opportunity to reach a dream," said Milan player was in erah 1986-1995.

In a press conference that, Massaro also revealed that the most valuable experience in his life is now wearing a Milan jersey. Not to forget, Massaro was deeply pleased and proud to be among Milanisti Indonesia. He is grateful for a special welcome from all who are here.

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